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Easy to engage.

Hard to resist.


Brand Marketing


“We can make a positive contribution to society and the environment”.

Partnering with Studio183, Kompetek is proud to be part of the unveiling of the "500KG CO2" upcycling collection at Berlin Fashion Week 2022, merging consumer, designer, and model experiences through VR. As the creators behind the VR applications for "500KG CO2.", our immersive digital transformations unfolded in tandem with the designers. We skillfully crafted their visionary creations in a synchronized dance of creativity.

Industrial Applications



“The immersive and interactive nature of VR creates an environment where users can practice specific motor skills”.

PixelSpray is a VR based training solution aimed at Paint Shops of Automotive Manufacturers. It places users in a Virtual Reality simulation where they can learn and practice real-time painting and lacquering skills.

Education and Training



“VR provides realistic and detailed simulations, allowing trainees to experience scenarios that closely resemble real-world situations”.


CEAT is one of the world’s largest Tyre manufacturers. They needed a Virtual Tutor to train employees about how to use their proprietary Tyre Building Machine. We were able to create a unique learning tool for them, and in turn, this has led to increased efficiency and greater return on investment.

Immersive AI-Training



“Conversational AI Integrations go far beyond pre-canned content.”

VR is not limited to technical skills training; it can also be used to develop soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership. This is particularly valuable in industries where interpersonal skills are crucial, such as customer service and management.

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