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Our Story

WE bring the combined experience over 20 years in interactive developement to our clients. 

As we have an internal network in areas such as 3D modeling / development, Unity / Unreal programming, we are well positioned to carry out every project from brainstorming to implementation - without interrupting the workflow.

Our Founder Vitek Goyel has overseen major Industrial VR projects in India for corporations such as Mahindra, Ford India, Citroen, CEAT tyres and many others. He brings his years of experience in development in this field now to the German market, created locally for local clients. Vitek has overseen development and installation for key projects such as PixelSpray, which has seen increases in upto 60% in manpower efficiency post use.We hope to use these new innovations to bring greater efficiency to European manufacturing companies, and help train in a safer way in a post Covid-19 world.

Our Team

We make things happen

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Vitek Goyel

Founder/Managing Director
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Eva Pech

Co-Founder/Client Relations
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Prof. Dr. Malte Behrmann

Legal Advise

Our Vision

The use of VR and interactive solutions can reduce the need for real resources.

With the increased environmental benefits, there are also human benefits. 

Dangerous environments are simulated without causing physical harm or danger. It is fun to learn in VR, the awareness of your own motor skills and sensory systems is increased. 

By using data analysis, we are able to record employees' experiences in the virtual world so that everyone can learn from them and valuable knowledge is retained.

We believe that through the use of VR in the economy, in companies and plants, we can not only make a contribution to safety and environmental issues, we believe that this technology, applied directly in industry, represents a decisive competitive advantage. Our M

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